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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wolf Moon...

The moon has been pulling at me these last few days and as Ellen Dugan has pointed out on her blog it's Wolf Moon so now I know the reason of my increased attraction.
I love wolves. Always been attracted to them. Their howling calling at something in me, soothing me, protecting me. Strange effect when most people seem to be afraid of them. My bedroom, in fact, is full of photographs of wolves.
About 12 years ago I had a past life regression experience and in my visions there was a huge grey wolf that accompanied me wherever I went. He wasn't a pet, but part of the family. I was safe knowing that he was always there for me. I also remember wearing a turquoise necklace that established my status in the village. Funny the things we remember about the lives we've lead.
A short time after that I had a private tarot reading done and I was told that my spirit guide was a dog (or a wolf perhaps?!!) He follows me even now and I'm grateful to him.
Speaking of tarot cards, I've gotta go deal my card!!

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