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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to the real world

After a week of being home sick with the flu, I have been yanked back to reality and have returned to my full blown job routine, which gets pretty hectic after the Christmas holidays, as, besides teaching in the morning, I am full of afternoon courses and private tutoring sessions. I don't dislike working, I just disdain getting up early (augh! If you read my piece on nighttime, you'll understand perfectly.).
Winter has been pretty mild so far and most of my bulbs were coming back to life, but we've been hit with some extremely frigid air coming from an Arctic cold front that has blasted the Mediterranean with temperatures falling below zero degrees. In other words, it's freezing! In a way I'm glad as I was feeling a bit deprived of a proper winter.
I have ordered various seeds hoping that I'll be able to grow new additions to my veggie garden. New herbs, some mini decorative pumpkins and some roots for vegetable soup. However, what I really hope is that the rhubarb will  sprout. I'm definitely looking forward to making rhubarb pie, which I tasted for the first time at my aunt's house in Blackpool, England. The most delicious  thing I've ever eaten in my life to this day! (I'll have to get the crust recipe from her too. ;-) ).
I'm also planning to add a firepit and some stone slab benches (just one in a long list of renovation projects.) where I can meditate and get closer to nature during warmer months. Moreover, I wouldn't mind finding room for a fish and frog pond (to add the element of water). I'll have to figure that one out, though.
Just love seeing ideas come to life. I feel like a better witch!!


  1. We hadn't had much Winter until this week. We were hit with a rather large blizzard - but luckily no damage or power outages. Just some scary driving and very cold days.

    I'm ready for Spring now!

    Your plans sound wonderful for your yard. I couldn't live without my fire bowl!

  2. Glad to hear that the storm didn't wreak havoc and Imbolc is practically around the corner so we should be getting better skies soon.
    Thanks for you encouragement. I hope to have this part of the garden done by summer!! A fire bowl sounds interesting too.