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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!!!

The year of the water dragon. I heard that Dog people, me (why am I not surprised!!), and dragon people don't get along. However, I've always had a personal fascination with dragons and think that history and legends have treated them unjustly. I live on an extinct volcano, surrounded by a lot of chestnut trees. I like to think that deep down inside the heart of the volcano lies a dormant Earth Dragon whom I can call upon for protection, even though I know that summoning a dragon is risky business.
I consider myself a forest and mountain witch, akin to animals, trees and to the earth (the element of both the capricorn and the dog in the Chinese zodiac). I have always been drawn to magick, but being born into a Catholic family didn't help me find out a lot as a child. I seriously started learning and practising in my late 20s. Haven't left witchcraft since then.
Anyway, this new year of the dragon has delivered its oomph my way and has infused me with new vitality and daring ideas. I'm thinking about opening a business and I'm planning new renovations inside my home too, not only in my garden. All in all, it definitely feels like a very promising year. Hope it'll be the same for all my witchy friends!!!

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  1. Happy New Year of the Dragon - can't wait to see what you get up to!