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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Please, please don't eat the daisies...

I discovered the joys of gardening fairly recently and reading Ellen Dugan's book on Garden Witchery made my initial experience even better. Eventually I'd like to create a magical atmosphere in every corner of my outdoor space (my entire garden is a work in progress). A kind of sanctuary for my animal friends and me. I'd like for it to be harmonious, full of different colourful, sweet-scented flowers, ornamental trees as well as juicy fruit trees. When I was reading book 3 of Nora Roberts The Three Sisters Island Trilogy - Face the Fire the description of Mia Devlin's magical garden created a precise picture in my head and I'd like mine to be similar. 

I'm even considering keeping a beehive, but maybe that's wondering a bit too far into the future.
I also need to fence in the perimeter as I've been receiving noctural visits from wild boar and am somewhat afraid for my dogs.
In Spring I fill the two flower pots on either side of my gate entrance with red geraniums (got that one from Ellen Dugan too!)and petunias; in Winter with red cyclamens. I was also thinking of adding permanent flower beds, but I'm still not sure if I want and can add spiral topiaries too.
I've been trying to put in garden lights and water fountains on various terraced plots, but those projects are also on hold till Spring-Summer. Too cold to work now!! Where's my cup of hot mint cocoa?!!

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  1. when I was a little girl , my brother in law grew tomatoes and red geraniums in a sunlit porch at the front of his house - I think the smells and the colours together just engraved them in my geraniums ROCK!!!!