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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sleepless on the Old Continent

Nighttime, my favourite time. Always been fond of it. A time all to myself, so quiet and comforting, ideal for working, reading or just thinking. A magical time. A time of dreams and possibilities. Surrounded by my three pooches, I relax knowing I'm protected, feeling closer to Hecate. I savour the time I have. Outside the kitty-cats lurking somewhere in the shadows and me asking Bast to watch over them.
I adore all animals, but in the nature of things I guess I'm what standards define as a "dog person", however I've learnt a lot about cats in these last 3 yrs. They can be quite entertaining and loving (which I didn't expect knowing a thing or two about their nature). Each with their own unique personality, just like my poodles and the "big girls" who keep watch out in the garden. Funny how they're all bilingual too!!
 Brownie is the sweet one and the youngest to join the family. Took him in from the streets like the other two. He has an eye problem which doesn't seem to bother him thank the Gods. Mars is the curious one who doesn't like to be manhandled, and if I'm up on a tree trying to prune it there he suddenly appears on a branch attempting to swat me. Jinx, the eldest, is a ham, both in size and personality. Beautiful cat and probably aware of that (should've called him Casanova)!! He always tries to jump my poodles encouraged by his size, I suppose, which is humongous compared to the pooches.
Getting a bit sleepy..signing off. Good night.

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