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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flower Power

Pruning my kumquat tree, planting three new varieties of clematis plants (they're a vine like plant that have these incredible, enormous flowers that people think are fake! I recommend them to everyone!), weeding some of my flower beds, feeling really better right now.
Next month I'll be working on my firepit. I've already made a mental list of things I need to get: gravel, sand, bricks and coloured pebbles to place around the pit like sun rays. Then I need some mulch and larger coloured rocks to define flower and plant beds. I bought three evergreen shrubs that will look nice on one side. The last things I'll get are the lanterns and benches (I haven't decided the material of the benches yet, maybe boulders or stone?). Can't wait!
What projects have you got in mind for the summer?
Blessed be.

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